Commissioning information

Commissioning a drawing from me is a very simple process, and can result in an incredibly unique work of art that can be treasured for many years to come. This could be a drawing of your house, a favourite place, or treasured holiday destination, or an illustration for a book that you are writing.

How it works

Works are produced predominantly from photographs, and the higher the resolution, the better. If you are locally-based I can even come and take the photography myself, or you can email me the photos. It’s up to you! However, no matter what resolution the photo, a beautiful picture can be drawn – it just takes a little longer!

Email your photos to, along with your sizing and composition ideas, and the process is simple from there. You will receive regular emailed images of your work in progress, and your feedback is very important throughout this process.

When I start to create your commission, I will start by working on an outline drawing of your piece and will send that to you make sure you are happy with the progress so far – any adjustments can be made a that stage. After that and once I have started on the detail, due to the nature of pen and ink, it can be much harder to make any changes. 

There is no upfront deposit – payment is only when you are truly happy with the commission. Paypal, UK bank transfers, and cheques are all accepted.

Shipping is worldwide, and your commission will be carefully wrapped and packed to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition.


 Size (inches) Black and white (Indian ink) Ink and colour wash, or pencil
8×6 £150 £200
11×8 £300 £400
16×11 £450 £600
22×15 £600 £1200

There is no extra charge to for composite or ‘imaginative’ scenes in a commission. Postage and packing will be worked out separately, as will framing costs if required.


In addition to commissions, I am also open to suggestions for future drawings, particularly for public, or public interest scenes. In these cases, please do ensure that you hold the copyright to any images you send me to work from, and that you grant me permission to use these in the creation of the artwork.

Suggestions can be a more more affordable way of commissioning work from me but I retain the right to decide if and when to add it to my portfolio.

Terms and Conditions

Please note that as the artist I retain the copyright to all of the artwork I create unless otherwise agreed. I may therefore use the the images on this website, Instagram and other social media, or as prints, for example. If you would prefer that I did not do this, please do let me know at the start of the commission process. Any unauthorised reproduction and distribution will constitute an infringement of copyright.